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On August 16, 2000, appropriate spring removes the ground to establish town. Appropriate spring city shows division of administer Yuan state Ji Jingan, act according to new, on abundant of tall, appropriate, timbal, 10 thousand carry 6 counties, govern on somebody's behalf city of camphor, abundant, Gao Ansan city. Gross area 18700 square kilometer, population 5.18 million.

Appropriate spring city is located in northwest slants in another name for Jiangxi Province, municipal government seat is apart from provincial capital Nanchang 219 kilometers. Appropriate spring is ancient call the county on “ agriculture ” , call today ” of the barn in “ another name for Jiangxi Province. Industry is pillar with mechanical, building materials, food, with spin chemical industry, mining, gently, the industry such as firecracker of Zhu Mu treatment, firework forms industrial system. Communication is easy, element has Hunan Fujian channel say, beijing north and south of 9 railroad vertical follow in a continuous line, thing of cross of multiple track of another name for Jiangxi Province of short for Zhejiang Province, 320, the freeway wears 105 nations line and another name for Guangdong Province of another name for Jiangxi Province condition and over- .

Appropriate spring is the first batch of zoology of our country pilot city. Have company of national level forest 3, provincial forest park 3, provincial scenery scenic spot area 1, provincial and natural groove guard 2. Whole area forest is enclothed rate 55.9% . Here has the emerald green mountain of stretch to the horizon, general view does not have the clean water of involuntary discharge of urine, have one have diarrhoea 1000 target-seeking flying waterfall, have the air of spotless. Bell of mountains and rivers-land is beautiful, scene charming and gentle, spring scenery is like wine, … of green wild intoxicate…

The appropriate of landscape bell to bring up spring fed distinctive religious culture. Buddhist 5 big Zen ancestor front courtyard, appropriate spring has 3: Dignitary fine value founded in hill of appropriate abundant hole Cao Dongzong, dignitary hopes to carry in the bark of a cork tree hill founded to face aid an administrative unit in Xizang, dignitary Hui Ji admired hill to found in Yuan Zhou Wei Yang Zong. China is Buddhist history in, go in for sth in a large scale of Zen Taoist or Buddhish rites is equestrian Zu Daoyi, its grave tower installs treasure peak temple in pacify; Only then the Great Master conceiving the sea that achieves Zen commandment puts in true Yu Fengxin 's charge hill of 100 a unit of length. Of camphor? Black hill is the ancestor law court that Taoism clever treasure sends, as eponymous as dragon tiger hill, cogongrass hill, for Changjiang Delta 3 highways teach an one of hill.

2200 old before, here Ceng Yiwen spring is celebrated, “ Xia Lengdong is warm, jade-like stone fawn on if spring, the delightful ” of drink, friend name appropriate spring. King suddenly is in Tang Dynasty writer " Teng Wangge foreword " in wrote down “ content the peak of poetic perfection of through the ages of ” of spirit of ground of Tian Jie of Hua Tianbao ” , “ . Xu of ” of its “ person childs, ” of Mo Xie of ”“ of able person of ”“ of its “ content two swords all city of out appropriate Chun Feng. In appropriate spring on ” of this “ Jiang Gule earth ever breed goes many China elite, they all advisable spring add lustre to buys variety.
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